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Get Bathroom Ideas for home bathroom improvements with any requirements you have, including Bathroom Vanities and Accessories, Shower Screens, Toilets, Cabinets, Shower Enclosures, Bathtubs, Spa, and a whole lot more. Bathrooom Warehouse is the the fastest growing national bathroom supplier in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Bathroom vanities have brushed chrome faucets, which lend a more demure look to the master. Another statement of elegance (more traditional) is achieved if you use brass faucets instead, an option that some people may prefer.

Consider a pedestal sink if you aren't space challenged and are not in urgent need of more bathroom cabinets and bathroom renovation. If you are in the process of building from scratch or remodeling of your existing dwelling you have more flexibility when choosing your bath vanities so that they suit not only the overall decor of the house, but also take into consideration the space savings that are so important in bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom vanities are a popular choice when deciding to renovate the bathroom. Wood is the most versatile and ideal material to create a look that is antique, contemporary or modern. Bathroom vanities are made to naturally complement your home. Whether it be an urban loft, a farmhouse, or Queensland style home, we make our master vanities to be a faithful complement to your home's decor and style.

Word of mouth recommendations have become so important for business growth fotr Bathroom renovation in country and regional sectors. This continued growth can only be maintained through the supply of quality products at competitive prices coupled with friendly informative service and advice.

We are the biggest supplier of bathroom vanities facilities in Australia with the following branches:


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Bathroom vanities are 36 inches tall and thirty six inches wide and have a cabinet depth of twenty one and a half inches. These vanity cabinets will add class and practicality to any home bathroom taps. In Sydney NSW, the vast range of home furniture to choose from include mirrors, which include the ever popular venetian mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, curio cabinets and corner curio cabinets.

Vanities are available in over 50 models with inspired themes from asian, contemporary, country, classical, traditional, and transitional backgrounds. Sydney offer over 20 colors on all of their units with accent colors and hand painted decorations. Sizes range from 18" through 78" including double sink vanities. All vanity taps pieces are hand made inside the us by skilled craftsman. Vanities are a fun way to add a little sparkle and color in a cool way to your home decor. Choosing the perfect bathroom set is one thing but getting the perfect vanity for one of the most important rooms in your home is almost an acquired skill.

Vanity cabinets and bathroom storage cabinets are always in demand and are available for purchase. From home living style includes bathroom vanities and vanity cabinets for people wanting the best fashionable bathroom decor you can renovate the bathroom.

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Many homeowners decide on installing contemporary bathroom cabinets because they are affordable and practical. For example, if you intend to rent out the apartment, you want something that is readily accepted by most tenants.

Bathroom cabinets are popular in Melbourne because the designs are easily accepted by most people. They are simple, clean, and sometimes come with a hint of elegance. Usually, contemporary vanities are made from common materials such as clay, stone or glass. These are readily available in Melbourne.

However, you never see contemporary vanities with loud colors or complicated patterns. That's because these designs are meant to be kept simple. Mostly, the vanities sit in the support structure and are somewhat inconspicuous. Besides looking simple, they are also very easy to maintain. Just clean the surface with some washing liquid and the sinks will remain in tip top condition for years to come. Even with Kitchen Tapware Melbourne.

A complicated vanity would not suit your purpose because it may turn out to be too expensive, and the unique designs may even turn away some people. Ceasarstone vanity tops tends to be a little more costly compared to the other materials.


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